February 16, 2011

Funny Surprise

Well, how was your past two days guys? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? How about the birth day of Prophet Muhammad yesterday? As for myself, I had been stuffing my face with food for the past two days. Here I am whining about having a "tummy" and here I am too, eating non-stop. If I bloat like a balloon next month for the wedding (not mine, sadly!), then I have no one to blame but myself. Hmm.. I should start jogging now.

Oh, I am here to share something with you guys. I would've written about this yesterday but since yesterday is a holiday and I was too busy filling my tummy, I had no mood whatsoever to write. So today, I want to tell you what happened last Monday.

See, I left home in the morning at the same time I always did every Monday. The only difference on that day was, I drove my brother's car instead of mine because I needed my Dad to help send my car for service. It was long overdue and the engine was rough. When I came home in the evening, my Dad told me that some time in the late afternoon when he had brought my car home, somebody left this letter on my windshield. And this is how the letter looked like.

Sorry, I had to put a smiley at the top because it's my name and the black thingy at the bottom is the dude's phone number. LOL! This is so funny. My Dad's asking who the heck is this "jiran setaman" (neighbour) and I have no idea. Maybe I've seen him before but I do not know his name.

Hmm, as a matter of fact, I actually have a problem with remembering people's name in comparison to their faces. So, I usually remember a face and can be so friendly to you but if I haven't address you with your name at least once in the first 5 minutes we spoke, then that means somewhere in the back of my head amongst a hundred million neurons that are constantly sending electrical pulses within my brain, I had, sadly, forgotten your name. Please don't hate me. You may blame those neurons instead.

Now I'm going to go tell B-bunz about this before he found out about this letter thingy here first. Heehee!

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