February 20, 2011

This is my confession...

I am addicted to American Idol Season 10. I am addicted to the many young talented performers on the show. I am addicted to the awesome judges, especially Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez too for being incredibly beautiful EVERYTIME the camera's on her and Randy Jackson for giving those "surprised" facial expressions when somebody sang beautifully.

I find myself glued in front of the screen watching these talented boys and girls do their thing. I have to admit, some of them gave me goosebumps. It's amazing! I sometimes wonder how can a voice make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up? So, today I did some karaoke-ing with my brothers at home and found that instead of sounding like a superstar, I have now lost my voice. LOL!

There goes my plan to try out in some singing competition. I guess I'd better leave that to the masters!

Oh my goodness, that kid Deandre Brackensick voice is just so incredible. I can't believe he's that young! If he has a girlfriend, I'm sure she tells him to sing to her ALL the time! Amazing how talented some people are. I wish I had amazing voices like them. If I did, I would sing myself to sleep every night. 

There are so many other talented American Idol hopefuls too and if I was one of the judges, I would be having one hell of a time trying to pick the winner. This is a one tough season. I just hope there will not be any biased decisions or already start picking a winner before it even began. Well, I just can't wait to see who will make it through to next week!

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