February 13, 2011

Movie Review - Burlesque

I went for the movie premier of Burlesque about a week ago at GSC MidValley. However, even though we came on the dot - 8pm, we still got the front row. That gave us quite a stiff neck but I suspect my brother was more than happy to see close-ups of scantily clad girls shaking their booty. LOL!

The storyline is classic - girl from out of town came to the big city to pursue her dreams, found a place to make it come true, got turned down and pushed around in the beginning, there's a hot man who's always there to give moral support, then she made the dream turn into a reality and bagged the hot man along the way. Nothing new, but always good to know that if you worked very hard, you will find success in the end. And once again let me remind you, BAG the hot man too.

Burlesque. Do you know what burlesque really is? To me, the one person that portrays the art of burlesque is none other than Marilyn Manson's ex, Dita Von Teese. Oh yeah, she is such a tease too! Damn, if I were a guy I'd probably wet my pants. LOL! I have to give credit to MM, although he usually looked like he just ate a dead crow, his taste in women is undeniable. Hmm, maybe I should learn a thing or two from Miss Von Teese, for future reference.

The small-waisted Miss Dita Von Teese. (envy!)

There are quite a few funny scenes in the movie, laced with euphemisms and witty dialogues. The songs and dance routines are quite catchy, however right after Ali (Christina Aguilera) found her voice, the music just doesn't stop. From one dance act to another, it leaves you little time to appreciate the music the way you should. Oh, but the absolutely funny part was when Jack (Cam Gigandet) got buck naked, flashed his ass to the screen and covered his willy with a box of cookie. Now, that's a yummy (cookie) way to entice a woman! And I also love to hear Cher sing - although she only sang twice throughout the movie - the slow song had such a deep meaning, I loved it very much!

I guess the best thing I can say about this movie is that they did not censor anything - thus the full view of Cam Gigandet's bottom! LOL. If you love musicals, this one would be great for you. But if you're not so crazy about musicals, you might get tired of the expected next plot. But hey, seeing those sexy ladies dancing those suggestive moves might be more than enough to satisfy quite a number of viewers!

This movie will be in Malaysian cinemas by 17th February 2011 and is rated 18SX.

Movie Rating : 6.5/10

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