February 02, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Auditions

Have you heard about the new judges of American Idol Season 10? No? Haven't you watch the American Idol Season 10 auditions? Oh no.. You're missing on a lot of funny moments, touching moments and not  forgetting to mention, crazy moments too. And the best part is - Steven Tyler is in ALL those moments! LOL.

I guess I enjoy this season's panel of judges more than the past seasons. One of the reason why I didn't sit in front of the TV every week for American Idol Season 9 was because of the judges, which I thought was disconnected and looked like they had issues among themselves. I didn't like them at all. But this year's judges are an awesome bunch.

 From left : Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest.

Randy "The Dawg" Jackson is just the way he is, which is fabulous because I sort of imagined with Simon gone, he might try to be the mean one in the trio. Luckily though, my assumption was wrong. Then there's Jennifer Lopez who is just so pretty, I feel like biting her nose or something! Love her clothes and hair and makeup and comments and everything else... I also can't help smiling at how cute she gets with Randy and Steven. Argh, she's so sweet I just want to squeeze her! But the one I just love watching is none other than Steven Tyler himself! Or Stevie, as he would like Jennifer to call him in one of the audition episodes - LOL! I think I want to compile videos of the auditions that has Steven's outrageousness (well that would mean all, I bet you), which one of them includes this comment :

(Milwaukee Audition)
Steven : Well hell fire said matches, *bleep* the duck and see what hatches. 

Tell me now, how can I NOT love Steve Tyler? He makes me laugh like mad.

Anyway, one of the auditions that touches my heart is by Chris Medina. He has a beautiful voice and his story is very emotional. You can check out this video below (had to use Vimeo because YouTube banned this) of his audition and the story of Chris Medina and his fiancée; Juliana.
I can't wait to see who's going to make it in to American Idol Season 10. I promise I will be following it every week! How about you?

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