February 26, 2011

My Maher Zain Live In Concert, Malaysia

I was at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam last night for Maher Zain's concert. It was a last minute thing. My aunt decided she wanted to go three days before the concert and dragged me along (LOL!). So, we just bought two of the RM103 tickets. At first I thought it was free seating but after picking up our tickets, we got the G45 and G46 seats which is at the East side, facing the stage, on the Upper Tier. Awesome right?

Let me tell you this, I am glad I went. Although, I have to admit I wasn't so happy with the bad traffic on the way to Shah Alam and I think I've cursed at least 300 other drivers along the way. It was all forgiven and forgotten because the show turned out to be great.

There were some on and off moments for me. 

"Off" moments :
Parents bringing their kids aged 5 years and below. Children this age get antsy easily and in a concert that lasted for more than 2 1/2 hours will kill their mood and thus killing my mood too. Why? Because these kids starts to move back and forth, play with the chairs, knocking and kicking the chairs which at the same time disturbing the people sitting NEXT to them. Look, I know you folks can afford to pay the ticket for your kid that's above 3 years old and I have no problem with that but seriously parents, WHY do you want to bring your 5 year old kid to a concert anyway? One that finishes near midnight too! Look, do not put your child through unnecessary stress by making them stay up late for a concert that they don't even know how to spell. Get a babysitter. Let them sleep peacefully at home and dream about sheep jumping over the moon. Be a GOOD PARENT. You'll have their teenage years of concert requests that'll make your ears bleed!

"On" moments
Maher Zain being super duper sporting and sang according to the audiences' requests and repeated the songs  again and again because we didn't want him to end the concert. The concert started at 9pm and finished at 11.40pm. How cool is that? How many performers would do that for their fans? Not without being paid, they won't. But Maher Zain is a one cool brother. 

Click play to listen to "Freedom"

One more thing he surprised us was singing to us the song "Freedom", which is the first time he performed for an audience. Like I said, it was awesome! There were many other songs too from Maher Zain's Thank You Allah album such as Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah, Palestine, Insha Allah, For The Rest Of My Life. Barakallah and so much more. Irfan Makki was also there to sing Allahi Allah Kiya Karo with Maher. Maher brought along his friends to Malaysia too such as Mesut Curtis of Macedonia (another melting voice!) and Fadli from Indonesia to sing the Malay part of the song Insha Allah.

Sorry, video is not so good after converted

I don't know about anybody else, but I left the concert very happy - and with no voice - hoping that Maher Zain would make better music in the future so that I can attend his future concerts again. His songs carry very deep and meaningful messages that could touch even the most cynical person. I know I did. So, anyone who never heard of Maher Zain before, it wouldn't hurt to listen to some of his music. And to those who never gone to his concert before, I think you should so that you can experience the wonderful music and see for yourselves how generous Maher is to his fans. 

Truly amazing.

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