March 23, 2011

Auto Correct that makes you LOL!

I was not feeling so good today, I think I might be getting the flu or something. I felt weaker than usual and although I had popped some Panadol, my spirit was a little on the low. So, when I stumbled upon this website as I was browsing through the internet, I didn't think much about it until after I started reading them one by one. That's when I just COULD NOT stop myself. I was laughing alone like a crazy person in my room. If anybody saw me laughing like this, they'd probably think I've finally gone mental. 

Oh gosh, this made me question myself, do I really want an iPhone? LOL!

I guess if you're feeling a little blue, you can visit here and get some laughing pills to cheer you up. OMG, they're absolutely hilarious!

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