March 03, 2011

Are you a fan of comics?

When I was 12 or 13, my friends and I were crazy over comics. There were all sorts of comics being sold and there was this one particular shop that was very popular with us kids. I was also caught up in that phase and I was so into Sailormoon, I collected all 18 comics of the Sailormoon series. The girls in the comic was sexy but my friends and I were mostly into Sailormoon's boyfriend instead - Mamoru Chiba. He's sort of like Superman. Nerdy in the day and suddenly turned into Zorro-lookalike hero at night. LOL!

Sailormoon & Tuxedo Mask

You must think I'm such a loser for being into a guy in the comics instead of a real guy. Well truth be told, I was sort of a late bloomer. I always thought guys are the most annoying creature on the planet and my first crush was only when I was 17 - and that too was purely coincidental. If it wasn't because of his long lashes that I saw the first time, I would probably finish high school as an innocent little virgin. LOL! Then it turned out he was a performer in both academics and sports and was best Bumiputra student for SPM in his school. Because of that, most of my boyfriends fell short from the expectation and I end up dumping quite a handful of them. But when I met B-bunz, I was hooked. B-bunz is way better than anybody I ever knew. He is super smart and a certified bad boy - such a lethal combination - and I fell with a thud. Oh, I love you B-bunz!

Oops wait, where was I? Comics, yes. I also used to tie my hair like Sailormoon. I wasn't trying to be cute or anything. I was just so into the character back then and since my hair length was until my waist, the hairstyle was not hard to copy. The only thing missing was my Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru Chiba). LOL!

Oh, the video below is so cool! If this ever happens in Malaysia, I'll be dancing in front of the mirror non stop! 

P/S : A so-called friend borrowed some of my Sailormoon comics and never return them back. Now I'm short of 5 comics from the series. You cannot imagine how pissed I am with that girl! >.<

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