March 05, 2011

Tuning in to Tune Talk

What do you think? Would you agree with Jason Lo? In my opinion, we should be smart in choosing what's best for us. There are many mobile service provider here in Malaysia that promises a lot of thing that's said to be value for money but does that mean you can trust them entirely? Wait. Stop. Learn more.

My Sony Ericsson used for the review

I had been using Tune Talk prepaid for more than three weeks now for this review. I think what I love most about this prepaid is that it allows me to connect to the internet more because of it's cheap data/internet charges. Which is why you can find me being on my twitter more these past three weeks. I am so happy that I can turn on my twitter for half of the day and still I am charged only RM0.05. Yup, you read that right - it's 5 cents. You only pay 5 cents per MB, or more precise 1024KB. Can you get that with other prepaid provider? My current prepaid line costs RM5 when I turn on my twitter for 15 minutes. And that does not include me checking my emails every now and then. I think it's bollocks that I had to pay RM5 when I only have to pay RM0.05 for more usage and longer time being online with Tune Talk.

Another thing about Tune Talk that I truly appreciate is the flat rate call charges to other users. It doesn't matter when I make the call or who I called, I was only charged RM0.16 per minute. Although, I have to admit that I don't like to talk on the phone as much as texting. I guess that's one of the reason why I still use my old Sony Ericsson k630i because I can text as I drive without looking at the keypads. *Kids, don't do this. It is EXTREMELY dangerous!*

Tune Talk also offers low IDD rates that'll make you jump with joy!

*Click on photo to read*

Would you like to know how much it is to text? Only 5 cents per SMS. And it's to any number nationwide! What's more, there will be a notification popping up once a while reminding me to check my balance by dialing *133# - which I thought was great since sometimes I do tend to forget my credit balance until it's too late.

Oh, oh.. But that's not all. As a matter of fact, here I would like to inform you the best and never been offered services by any mobile provider in Malaysia so far :

  1. You will get free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa.
  2. You can earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights every time you top up and the points will never expire.
  3. You also get to change your phone number anytime you like!
  4. Contests with attractive prizes too!

Tell me something, have you ever found offers such as this? And that's not more, once you've collected enough points, you're gonna love where the destinations take you!

 *Click on photo to read*

The only part I hope Tune Talk could add soon is a postpaid line and also a way for prepaid users to be able to support BlackBerry Internet Service as well. I tried using this on a Blackberry phone but it does not support that and since I am soon planning to use a Blackberry for my business purposes, a prepaid with BIS option might make it more appealing to me instead of my current mobile service provider.

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