April 08, 2011

Goodbye Pia Toscano

I was tweeting about how I can't wait to check out today's American Idol results and I got a reply that it's going to be a shocker. That one word already got me wondering like crazy, and when it was time for the bottom three, I just couldn't stand the anticipation anymore. I didn't even care that Iggy Pop was singing topless on stage. Other times, I would've puked seeing a 64-year old man singing "Real Wild Child (Wild One)" on stage without his shirt on, but the Punk singer didn't even manage to turn me off as I wait to see who is sent home from American Idol.

Bottom Three : Jacob, Pia, Stefano

The bottom three was Stefano Langone, Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk. When I first saw the lineup, I thought maybe Stefano would be gone. He was the least strongest in the bunch. But after Jacob was first sent to the couch, it was time to announce the one who would go home and oh my gosh, it was awful to hear that the power voice lady is going home.

This is so sad. I know Pia will probably get a recording deal very very soon and probably become more famous than the winner of this year's American Idol but it's just so sad to see such a beautiful vocally strong lady go home so early. But whatever it is, we wish her all the best. Maybe there's a blessing in disguise to this, who knows? She's got to be strong and work hard for a good record deal. Whereas the others who are still in the competition will have to remember what Randy says, "Nobody is safe!"

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