April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding | Prince William & Kate Middleton

Right at this moment I am watching the #RoyalWedding LIVE on Livestream. Well, I am at the office, how else can I follow the Royal Wedding? The hype about the wedding started since few weeks ago and now, today it is finally here. They're finally getting married!! Can't wait to see Kate's wedding dress. Right now, everybody is filling up Westminster Abbey. I am busy checking out the hats and head accessories. Not to mention, David Beckham!! LOL!

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

I read somewhere that a Chinese Astrologer predicted that this marriage will not last, it will be just the same as Diana's. I'm not sure about that but hopefully (as we always do for newlyweds) that this marriage will last till the end of time. So, let's celebrate and wish them both all the best alright? Come on guys, no matter where you are, come follow the Royal Wedding LIVE with me! 

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