April 30, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are married, their names and titles has changed. You may address them as :

His Royal Highness, Duke of Cambridge ;
Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge.

From left : Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Michael Middleton

Love this. She looks so pretty

Gotta be up to date with the change of titles. But don't worry though, they won't chop your head off if you addressed them by the wrong name (I hope!). LOL.. Anyways, just a follow up from my last post on these two, and some more photos to share.

The marriage vows

Westminster Abbey

Was waiting for the Royal Kiss and what a surprise that they gave the public not one, but TWO kisses. This is a history in itself - something different from tradition - and a lovely one too. Whatever it is though, everything looks beautiful and fantasy-like, right down to the horse-drawn carriages. The Duchess of Cambridge looked serene and relaxed in her beautiful wedding dress. Although it is not as grand or as elaborate as the late Princess Diana's, but it definitely will be written down in history and followed by many bride-to-be's in the world. Oh, and Philippa Middleton (Kate's sister) is also so pretty!

The Royal Kiss

Glad I followed the wedding (or tried to, when my internet connection does not fail me) because now I want a carriage for my own wedding too! (HAHA, dream on..) Whatever it is though, wish them all the best and may this union last forever and ever.


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