April 02, 2011

What is that?!

You see, a long lost friend of mine contacted me a week ago proposing for a meet. Honestly, I haven't met her since we were 20 years old. It had been a long long time. I still remember back when we usually hang out at Suria, KLCC. I don't know why, even though I live in Kajang but I don't feel the distance was any problem. I was willing to take the KTM Commuter and then at the interchange, take the LRT Putra to KLCC and feel so happy to be in KLCC. I would hang out with my friends for hours on end. These days, you tell me to take the KTM Commuter to MidValley from Kajang and I'll tell you I'd rather sleep. Heck, if I had my own way, I wouldn't drive to anywhere that'll take more than 15 minutes! LOL!

But OMG, as I was Googling for the photo of KLCC above, there was also a weird photo of KLCC in the results that surprised the shizzle out of me!

Right now, I don't know what to say about this. What do you guys think? Is this some kind of photography error, just some camera problem or flash problem or something like that? I was comparing it with the photo at the top and I am hoping it is just a photo developing error. Do you see that weird looking sign at the top of the Twin Towers?

And then I started Googling on weird symbols in Malaysia and OMG, this came out!!

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