April 22, 2011

James Durbin and Stefano Langone

This week's theme for the Top 7 is Music of the 21st Century.

I know I've said in a few of my American Idol posts that James Durbin is not one of my favourites this year but his performance last night was incredible. OK, maybe the song Uprising by Muse kinda had something to do with me loving it too coz I am an absolute huge fan of Muse but wow, James is starting to grow on me. With that costume, he reminded me of Adam Lambert. And of course, I always support the cutie Stefano Langone. I know he's not the strongest in this competition but this week's Closer by Ne-Yo is such a sexy song for him. Yeah, just like Jimmy Iovine said this song is pretty much about sex and when Stefano gave that sexy eye stare to the camera, oooh ma shizzles!

James Durbin singing Uprising by Muse

Stefano Langone singing Closer by Ne-Yo

These two had been roommates since the beginning of the American Idol week.

It was nice to get the 5 girls and 1 guy who was already out to come back and sing Pink's Start A Fight. It's still a sad thing to be reminded that Pia Toscano is already out but at the same time, I am also glad Naima Adedapo is out weeks ago. I just didn't like her at all. I know she's got the whole sad family story and all but she doesn't have a good voice and I think she's just trying too hard. Whatever she's doing is not called stage presence anymore, it should be renamed as stage clown. LOL! Oops, I know I'm harsh about this but whatever, I don't like her.

I love the show last night, including the part Steven Tyler cursed on Live TV. I think it would be really hard to see who will be the one out of the Top 7. Wow, time flew so fast and by tonight, another person will be going home. Another 6 weeks to go to find out America's Idol of 2011! Are you guys as excited as I am? Woohoo!

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