April 07, 2011

Making YourSingapore Mine

Singapore. Who does not know this country? You see, my mom is a Singaporean and I guess because of that, I sort of take the country for granted. I don't really explore Singapore through the eyes of a tourist and appreciate all the beauty and splendor she has to offer. Honestly in all my years of living, I've only been to Sentosa twice. 

So, now that I am an adult and is capable of traveling on my own, I think I would very much love to travel to Singapore and see it through the lens of an outsider. I would like to appreciate what she has to offer and to enjoy all the beautiful sights and scenes there is. In order to do that, I need a proper planning. I would really hate it if I have to go somewhere and spend my precious time trying to find a location that I'm not sure of or trying to decipher a weird-looking legend on a map instead of going straight to where I wanted to.

 Plan your itinerary!

So, here's when the YourSingapore Guide comes into play. Oh yeah, I wish every country has this sort of web info guide so that whenever we want to visit another country, we can plan out and list our itinerary beforehand. So, do you want to know what I plan to do in Singapore for a 3D2N relaxi-taxi (borrow your word Marzie!) funtastic time?

I think the first two things I would look for in Singapore on my first day are food and some shopping time. So my first day will be filled with eating and shopping experience. I guess it's a way to wind down after a long trip, plus a way to a contented heart is a tummy filled with yummy food, right? Once the tummy's happy, then the shopping shall begin!

Day 1

My second day on the other hand would be all about events. But then again, what better way to start a day with an awesome food, right? And look at that! The Song of India, it says! And right after singing my heart (and stomach!) all the way to India, it is time to explore the finer things in life - art. It does not have to be with a brush too. Art comes in many forms, including fashion. Oh yeah, how can I deny a fashion show or two? Singapore is like the fashion hub in SEA. Plus, most of the latest fashion and designer items are cheaper here.

And ho-ho-ho. Don't miss that - JewelFest. The name itself is calling to me.

But then the night is still young, and so what else should a hawt laydee do in Singapore? Shake her booty of course!

Day 2

Finally, my third day will be a day of relaxation and taking myself back to nature. I mean, after all that shopping on my first day and not to mention, high heels on my second day (come on, I'm at a fashion show, if I don't wear high heels, I deserve to be thrown out on my butt), what better way to end my trip than with a relaxing soothing massage followed by listening to the sound of waves, seeing some dolphins tricks and cycling to reduce my carbon footprint?

After all that I can also try to hone my photography skills by capturing photos of all those amazing looking buildings and interiors of the National Museum and Fort Canning Park. Right after that, the best way to end the day and trip is by having a scrumptious meal in a restaurant that'll transport me straight to Bali, complete with wooden cabanas, international cuisine and the best part - lingering smell of frangipani. Ooooh yeahhhhh...

Day 3

I suppose my itinerary covers for a single-person trip or if I'm going to drag somebody with me (read : Bbunz). Whatever it is though, it surely is going to be a fun-filled and awesome possum trip! Oh, and I am not going to miss posing with the Merlion. That's a definite must! 

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