April 17, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton

*Gasp* They're married?

LOL! Alright, it's a spoof. But hey, those actors looked just like the real thing don't you think? Right down to William's thinning crown. Oops!

I guess they've all grown up and out of their cute faces. I still remember a photo of the two princes when Princess Diana was still alive, all shy and young and now, William is getting married and Harry is a party boy. 

 Young William, Young Harry and Princess Diana

I didn't follow much of the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton but I thought the pair looked very good together. I suppose other than a good match, an attractive spouse would be a bonus in the royal household. We all know that Kate will never be able to replace Princess Diana, but with her good looks and style, she might be able to garner enough support and fans from this generation the way Princess Diana did with hers.

Kate Middleton, Prince William

 Princess Diana's wedding dress

This would be an interesting match indeed. Hope to see how the wedding is like. If Princess Diana walked down the aisle with a 25-foot train, I would very much like to see Kate in something more spectacular and memorable. Well, she would in fact be a Princess and possibly a Queen too some day. Just hope that this will be a reunion that lasts forever.

The wedding's on 29th of April. Wowwee!

Update : More blog post on Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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