May 25, 2011

Shopping is a breeze

I love shopping. Well, what girl doesn't right? But sometimes I just don't have the time to walk in to shopping malls, browse through every piece of clothing or handbag or jewelries like I would love to. Or even if I do have the time, I might just miss that one gorgeous dress or the to-die-for handbag just because there are too many things on display. So, most of the time lately, I opted for online shopping. In addition to me being online almost 15 hours a day for work, online shopping is also much more convenient!

Now this is where HiShop comes in to play. This is definitely one of the important URL I bookmark on my lappie.

Since the day I signed up, there have been some sales going on and one of them are home furnishings (among others) which my mom quickly told me to purchase. Oh yes, my mom is crazy about home furnishings and when she saw the tag price, she was just too happy to force me to "buy".

Does that video remind you of someone? It surely reminded me of myself before this. But after being a part HiShop and it's awesome online club, I am enjoying shopping more because it's so easy peasy and has it's benefits too. Not only members get exclusive access to the private sales that goes up to as high as 80%, we can all be rest assured that the stuffs sold here are all 100% authentic branded goods. Isn't that awesome? You get to purchase authentic branded items just by the click of a mouse and the payment method is also so easy - including Maybank2u, other online bank transfers and credit cards too.

I have joined HiShop and am waiting for the right moment to grab that dress (*check bank account balance*) - especially since sales only lasts about 3-5 days! So, what are you waiting for?

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