May 24, 2011

Our Johnny

Johnny (and Dad's legs)

A few weeks ago, on 20th April, our Indian neighbour's mother passed away. So, for the next three days, families and friends gathered at that neighbour's house and there were many people (whom we do not know) came and went from our area. In between the crazy three days, a young dog came to our house. The whole family came home one evening from dinner and this dog was sitting in front of our gate. We wondered who it belonged to, we were asking around but nobody knew where he came from. 

He had a collar on so we assume he belonged to someone. Our Chinese and Indian neighbours did not want to care for him. There were days when it was pouring heavily but he had no place for shelter so we decided to let him in our house compound. He is especially friendly with Dad, always wagging his tail when Dad returns home and sitting near Dad's legs when he's doing some gardening at the front yard. I supposed it's coz Dad was the first person who gave him food on that night he came to us. In the event that he was with us, we named him Johnny.

Then one day, an Indian family came and took him away. They said they're his owner, staying closer to the front area of the Taman and we believed them. They were surprised that of all the people in the Taman, this dog came to us and they're more surprised that we actually cared for him because they thought we Muslims hate dogs. I don't know where they got that idea but Muslims DO NOT hate dogs. Why do these people have to generalize things anyway?

So few weeks has passed and we thought Johnny was fine until last Friday when he suddenly appeared in front of our gate again. This time though, he had no collar on and his body was filled with ticks and fleas. He was scratching everywhere on his body and he looked hungry. He drank the whole bowl of water we prepared for him and when we bought food for him (Pedigree brand), he finished the whole bowl in a few minutes too. He was in a rather sad state and we were shocked. How can this happen?

I think he had been beaten too because whenever he see a wooden stick, he would scurry to a corner and make whiny sounds. We feel so sad for him.

 Collar gone and small wound marks around his neck

Our Indian neighbour (whose mother passed away a month ago) refused to keep Johnny because he said he already have two dogs and his dogs were trained to be very fierce whereas Johnny is a very friendly dog. He only offered to help give Johnny baths and help medicating the tick and flea problems. Our Chinese neighbours said they already have enough dogs to care for. One particular Chinese neighbour was so angry that Johnny peed near her bushes that she told us to throw Johnny in the river. I was like - are you for real??

Can't stop wagging his tail and always want to play

So now we're caring for him. Dad's contemplating either he should build a small wooden shed for Johnny in front of our house compound or bring him to our other house since the neighbours here are so hostile towards him. I don't know why they're so angry with him. It's not his fault he's here. It's his stupid owner's fault! The only problem with the second idea is that our neighbours at the other house are mainly conservative Malays. Also, my parents and maid only go to that house in the day to tend to our 30+ cats and they don't sleep there. Ahhh dilemma.

I wonder, does any of you here want a dog as pet? We call him Johnny and he's very friendly. He don't even bark. He doesn't know how to do tricks yet but I'm sure he is a fast learner because only a few days and he already understood when we gesture for him to go out of the house compound or when we call him to stay inside. He is a little scared of thunder and lightning so I think he will be more than happy to snuggle next to you when it rains and keep you warm at the same time.

What do you guys think?

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