May 22, 2011

Landslide at orphanage

When I first saw the tweets on my Twitter time line about the landslide at Rumah Anak Yatim Hidayah in Hulu Langat, I was so shocked. Firstly because I was at home (Kajang) at the time and the weather was so hot whereas on the news it said that there was heavy rain at the location - which is not so far from my house anyway. I tried what I can with the tweets, hoping that the works can be done faster if they get the sufficient help.

A few hours later however, Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Selangor) tweeted this :

When my parents came home from the other house, I departed the news about what happened. My Dad said he heard the news on the radio but my Mom was more shocked than me when she heard the news because she had been to the place many times before. She knew those people and one of the orphan there was adopted by her - sort of like a Godmother program where you help them with their needs like clothes, school stuffs, etc.

No wonder I thought the name of the place was familiar.

 Photos courtesy Berita Harian Online

Mom started crying when she saw the photos of the destructive place. Her contact, an ustazah there informed that her adopted son is fine but the boy's best friend passed away. Two of the people she was close with also passed away. The ustazah told us not to come today because it was still raining albeit only drizzling but with the number of crowd there, she thought it would be unwise. She told us to come tomorrow instead. Maybe we can help them with some essential items - such as blankets. food, extra clothes, etc.

To my dear Muslim friends, let us all recite the Al-Fatihah for the deceased and pray that their souls rest in peace and be placed amongst the blessed alongside Allah s.w.t. 
For those who are safe, let us also help them in any way possible so that we can at least help lighten their burden and the loss of close friends or families.


P/S : Name list of victims here.

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