May 21, 2011

Movie Review - Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides

Went to check out this movie last Monday night. One minute I was sleeping with my hands on the table and my head on my hands, the next, my phone vibrated and I saw a message saying I won two tickets to the premiere of POTC 4 courtesy of MIX.FM. Free movie, what else should I do? So, I asked my Dad out on a date with me but he declined and then I asked my brother. We were planning to go watch POTC 4 in the weekend with my other brother and BBunz but I thought it's best if we check out the premiere first and if it's worth it, we can go see the movie for the second time in the weekend with the others.

By 8pm I arrived at MidValley with my brother. I saw some familiar faces but they're there courtesy of Nuffnang. I didn't enter the contest under Nuffnang but still lucky that I won two tickets. Phones and cameras are not allowed to be brought inside the cinema and while inside the cinema, there was some quizzes where  the winners get POTC 4 merchandises. I didn't answer any question because I didn't know anything about Mix.FM or their radio shows. LOL! I'm more of a Hitz.FM and Fly FM listener. (Oops, don't tell them that!)

So, Captain Jack Sparrow is back. What do I think about this latest instalment?

In all honesty, I had hoped for something better. I was yawning twice throughout the movie - something that happens very very seldom - which I never do if a movie captures my attention. I know there's Captain Jack Sparrow and inasmuch as I love Johnny Depp to bits, I can't help but wish there's Elizabeth and Will. Heck, I even wished these two loonies (photo below) would be in this latest POTC just to spice things up a little.

Mackenzie Crook (Ragetti) & Lee Arenberg (Pintel)

I prefer Ragetti and Pintel's sarcastic jibes and humor in comparison to Jack Sparrow's very fake and trying-too-hard-at-humor in this latest one. I also did not find the so-called relationship (or past relationship) between Jack and Angelica (Penelope Cruz) any convincing. I think focusing on the mermaids too much is also a waste of time, not to mention letting "love" come in the way between one specific mermaid and the missionary Philip Swift (Sam Claflin) is so pretentious.

Philip kept repeating the word, "Such beauty.." whenever he looks at the mermaid Syrena's (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) face. I mean, come on, if you're really a man of faith and your eyes has been opened with the experiences and the real world, then the last thing you should be so captivated with is the beauty of a woman (even if half of her is a fish). If a man of faith like that can be so blinded by beauty, how can we normal women feel secure with these men around us? *gasp*

Then there's Blackbeard (Ian McShane) and Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). Blackbeard was so unmemorable that I actually wished Davy Jones would pop-out onto the screen and save the day. Maybe he'd bring his other new pet Kraken and eat Blackbeard or something! I don't know, I just wished something exciting or surprising would come up and save everyone from boredom. At first I was happy to see Barbossa because he has always been Sparrow's frenemy but suddenly the exchange between him and Sparrow is just stale. All the explosive dialogues from the first three parts of this movie is gone. How sad...

But not all is in vain...

The music score is still fabulous. I also think the cinematography is just as good as the past three movies. Rob Marshall has the magical touch and that never wanes. I mean, look the photo up there where Jack's pushing the boat, don't you think those sands and waters are just beautiful? Don't you just feel like going to that tiny white sandy island?

I think if you LOVED the last three instalments and expect the world with this latest one, you'll be disappointed. But if you just miss Johnny Depp and want to see him in action, then you surely must not miss this movie!

Movie Rating : 6/10

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