May 06, 2011

This is bad..

I was bloghopping, browsing websites and replying emails when I came across this website on Circus sufferings and one of the groups they were focusing on is the Bobby Roberts Super Circus in the UK. Truthfully, I have never liked circus acts that involves animals. I have no problems with circus acts like Cirque du Soleil though, coz I consider that as artistic, athletic and amazing. But that's about all for me when it comes to circus.

I have always had issues when it comes to animals - be it domestic or wildlife - that are tortured. I love animals, no matter if they are big or small. 
When I first saw the video below, I couldn't help but press a fist to my mouth and cry. I can imagine how the creatures feel, because even though they're animals, they still have sensory systems just like us humans and they can feel just like us humans too. When you hit them with force, they can feel pain, especially if you hit them where they are most vulnerable. 

This video was taken this year. The abuse had been going on for many years, but now there is proof. What else do we want? Do we need an angry tiger to pounce and kill it's torturer before we'd react? Let's stop this! A circus is not where they belong...

I seriously feel like beating these bloody fellas with that stick they use right in their gonads.

Please, help stop animal abuse. Help stop circus acts. No matter where you're from, let's get our voice out together and stop this.

This video is longer, but watch and listen so you can understand more why we must stop this!

Learn more about Animal Defenders International : ADI World and help STOP this cruelty!

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