May 18, 2011

New Bundles of Joy!

Dear friends, 

Truthfully, I have been keeping this happy news to myself for a while now. However, I cannot keep this any longer and it is bursting out of me to share my happy news! You see, my first bundles of joy arrived on the 20th of April. This is the first time I ever am a parent so this whole thing was a huge deal to me. So come on, I want to share everything about my family with ALL of you.

This is my first wife... Her name's Tammy.

I have known Tammy since I was very very young. Dad and Mom rescued her and since then we were inseparable. I actually lost my *cough* virginity *cough* to her. LOL! I have two boys and one girl with my wife Tammy. They're three beautiful sweethearts, don't you agree?

Girl : Inanna.     Boys : Enki, Enlilah.

But then, my Mom and Dad hooked me up with another lady too. Although I am a little embarrassed to confess to this, but I am practicing polygamy. However, be rest assured that I love both my wives equally and truly. So, this is my second wife whom had recently bore me two beautiful kitties on 9th of May.

Let me introduce you to my second wife - Onyx.

Onyx is older than me. But I have no problem with the whole "cougar" thing. Come to think of it, I find it attractive that older females are attracted to me. *Cough* I can be quite a charm sometimes you know. Onyx is one of Dad's favourite meows and I am honored to be her husband. Onyx has some other kids before so I am also a stepfather to quite a few meows now too!

But first of all, let me introduce you to my two darlings with Onyx. I fathered one boy and one girl with Onyx. Isn't that wonderful?

Girl (left): Starflair.    Boy (right): Son-o-flame.

You know, being a parent is not an easy task. But before that, giving birth is not an easy task either! I was with Tammy when she delivered our babies. I was shocked at first! I couldn't understand why she kept shifting in the room and looked so antsy. At first we both thought she was having a normal stomachache. I say this because Tammy said she never had stomach pains like that before and I judged from her face that this could be some sort of diarrhea. I count my lucky starts that Dad and Mom checked in on us before they went to sleep and noticed Tammy's weird behaviour. They understood at once that she was about to give birth. Dad and Mom was with Tammy all the way while I was peeking from behind their shoulders. I couldn't help myself, I was so excited that I was going to be a Dad! I couldn't contain the adrenalin pumping in me that I had to sit in my water bowl just to cool down.

I respect how Tammy and Onyx endured the pain of birthing and how they took good care of our children. I vowed from the day that I saw my kids that I will always love and respect females all around the world, including my human family!

I couldn't wait to see my children grow up. I know they will be amazing and they will always have my love. My kids with Tammy have opened their eyes and I feel like I can swim in those dark blue colors. No matter what they do or if they have any shortcomings, I will never regret having them. Dad and Mom wouldn't let me mix with them so much because they're afraid my kids might get "infected" with my wild ways. I am, in fact not a domestic cat. I agree with Dad and Mom on this. Even though I love my kids with all my heart, but sometimes as a parent, we have to make sacrifices in order to provide a better life and future for our children. I've decided that I do not want them to be a "wild cat" like me and that they should be more exposed to their domestic counterpart. So, I leave it to my wives to teach them how to be good and sweet, not only to our kind but also to our human family. In the mean time, I shall always think of them and send my love to them from afar.

Before I end this, I hope that all of you can share the excitement in my heart and will be happy for me and my wives at the arrival of our new bundles of joy. Love you dear friends!

Yours faithfully,
Flaming Eyes (Ice)

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