May 19, 2011

Beautiful Sunset at Sepang Gold Coast

It was my first time to be at Sepang Gold Coast last Saturday. In truth, I'm not much of a traveler and would rather spend my free time lazing on my couch or sleep longer than I usually do. So, even though Sepang Gold Coast is only about 60+km from my house in Kajang - which is approximately an hour's drive - I had never been to this place before. I blame it on the genes. My father's a very homey person.

Anyways, having been invited to Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa for the Tourism Selangor and Selangorlicious Blog & Roll event, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go there, even if just for a few hours. Tourism Selangor and Selangorlicious was having the Beach Food Carnival celebration and of course I wouldn't say no to a variety of food served in abundance! Since that one (eating experience) requires a much longer post, I'll write one dedicated post entirely for that event.

So before stuffing our faces (invited guests) with countless amount of food, there was a sunset photography competition going on. Now how can I not enter the competition when I have been calling myself a contest junkie? So there I was, lugging my loaned camera to snap snap snap away!

Isn't the sunset beautiful? I couldn't help but be captivated by the beautiful sunset and its reflection on the water. There's always this emotion that's been brought forth from within me when I am close to the sea or the ocean breeze hitting my face. Maybe it's the smell of the ocean or just the sound of water in the big open sea, it's hard for me to describe. I hope that you guys had at least experienced it once in your lifetime.

Oh, I didn't win the competition, sadly. I wished I had better technique in capturing the sunsets. Maybe when I get my own DSLR, I can practice and hone my skills to make the photos look better. Yup, not too long until I get my own DSLR now. *excited*

How about you guys? Have you guys been to Sepang Gold Coast? 

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